fire alarm system test equipment

Test Equipment For Fire Alarm Systems

Agni Instruments uses world class test equipment for its manufacturing and Research and Development process. Here are some of the items listed.

dB Meter
Digital Multimeter
Digital Regulated Power Supply
24 Volt Fixed Power Supply
Trasformer Testing Jig Rheostat 15 Amp.
A.C. Variar
Wire Twisting Machine
Solder Bath
Other Light tools as required
Testing Bench complete with Digital Meter & Power Supply
Testing Bench complete with hooter
Panel Fitting Bench
Fitting Bench complete with 1 HP drill & Jaw
PCB Assembly Bench
Wiring Bench
High Voltage Testing Set Up of 5 KV
H.T. / L.T. Megger (1000V)
Secondary injection test set with AC/DC variable supply
Earth Resistance Measuring Instrument
Primary Injection Test Set